Shawnee Presbyterian Church


Giving to Our community

Food When We’re Fed - Souper Bowl Sunday
1st Sunday of every month
in the Sanctuary

The Souper Bowl for Caring started in 1990 by a youth group planning a Super Bowl party and wanting to help their church use this Sunday to help the community as well.  Since that first Souper Bowl effort over $100 million has been raised and truly mind boggling amounts of canned soup have been collected throughout the country all of which is then donated directly to local service agencies to help locally.  Shawnee Presbyterian has been a part of this movement for years and now dedicate our February “Food When We’re Fed effort to collecting soup for Shawnee Community Services.  Don’t forget to help fill the children’s wagon with soup on February 2nd.  You do not have to wait until February 2nd.  There will be a table up in the Narthex for our Souper Bowl of Caring collection.

Food When We’re Fed is a time to remind ourselves to bring food for others every time we gather for communion, which is the first Sunday of each month.  Let’s take this opportunity to make a difference in the world around us.


Hands-on, Sitting-down
2nd Wednesday of every month, 10:00 am
in the Parlor or the Narthex

On the 2nd Wednesday of the month a group gathers for mission projects that do not require a great deal of standing or other physical endurance or prowess.  This group gathers to tie blankets for children in the hospital, to make sandwiches for clients of Crosslines Ministry, to create valentine cards for veterans living in the nursing home, and many other projects.  The beauty of this team and their effort is that absolutely anyone can participate and share their talents.  If you are able to join in every month or only every once in awhile that too is perfectly fine with us.  Hands On Sitting Down meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 in either the Parlor or the Narthex.  We would love to see you at our next gathering.
For more information, contact Maxine Lewis at or 913-219-6652. 


Noisy Offering
4th Sunday of every month
in the Sanctuary

Thanks to the donations of pocket change by members and visitors  to SPC, donations have been sent to both Hocker Grove Middle School and Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, through our Love Fund program for these schools.  School Counselors at both  schools use these funds to help students who are unable to pay for lunches, are in need of clothing items, are unable to pay a fee or purchase an item required for a class, are in need of funds for a  school activity, or do not have the basics for a school day, such as paper/pens/pencils.  We will continue to collect the Noisy Offering on the 4th Sunday each month, and help to keep the Love Fund for these schools going strong.  Again, the participation of the members, visitors, and friends of SPC are making a positive impact on our  community.  THANK YOU!


5th Sunday Giving Program
Sunday, December 29th    
Giving in December will go to Christmas Joy denominational offering which helps ministers in the Presbytery with things such as $1000 for minister's kids going to college, college student loan assistance, and also for retired ministers that for extenuating circumstances have a shortage in covering needs with their pensions. Pastor Craig indicated that his family has been the recipient of the college amount.  The monies for Christmas Joy should be put in the offering plate designated for "Christmas Joy".

Some of the other programs that this program supports throughout the year are listed below

Laundry and Shower Program
Each morning, individuals are able to take a shower before breakfast. This is a necessity for many of their clients, especially those experiencing homelessness. Additionally, individuals can leave their soiled clothes, and Cross-Lines staff and volunteers will launder the clothes by the next day. These services help restore dignity and hope to individuals needing it the most.

Hope Totes Program
Deodorant, soap, toothpaste, and toilet paper are necessities in everyone’s life, however these items are often expensive and not covered by Food Stamps. When families enroll in this program, they get a Hope Tote bag. Every 60 days, they can bring their bag back to Cross-Lines, and volunteers and staff refill the bag with these necessities.

Diaper Program
Cross-Lines provides a monthly supply of diapers to babies under the age of 3. Every baby deserves a clean diaper, yet diapers are a very expensive necessity.

Questions, please contact Maxine Lewis.  Thank you for your continued support!