Shawnee Presbyterian Church



The Mission Committee has identified three opportunities for the church to support for the quickly upcoming Christmas season. Your support for any or all of these would be very appreciated by the target recipients this season!

Nieman School Needy Families
This year instead of having a gift tree per se with items for 3 families identified from Nieman School as having significant needs, we will be collecting either cash or small (Under $25) denomination gift cards that will be given to needy families by the Nieman School Social Worker/Nurse.  Our hope is that your donations, along with monies targeted from the Mission Committee fund will help more families than we have with the gift tree. 

Please bring your gift cards to the office, or put your cash donations in the offering plate (designated as Neiman School) by no later than December 16th so we can get these to Neiman School for distribution before school lets out for the holidays.


Hats and Gloves Tree
We will put up the 'gift tree' in the church entry again this year, but instead of gift tag items, we are collecting Hats and Gloves for Kids that will be taken to Nieman School to help provide kids that don't have hats or gloves these items to help them through the upcoming cold months.  Please bring Hats and Gloves by December 16th so, again we can take these to Neiman before school lets out. 


Christmas Joy
We are targeting the 5th Sunday giving in December to Christmas Joy denominational offering which helps ministers in the Presbytery with things such as $1000 for minister's kids going to college, college student loan assistance, and also for retired ministers that for extenuating circumstances have a shortage in covering needs with their pensions. Pastor Craig indicated that his family has been the recipient of the college amount.  The monies for Christmas Joy should be put in the offering plate designated for "Christmas Joy".


Thanks in advance for giving to these worthy directions this season.  Any questions can be addressed to those on the Mission Committee: Maxine Lewis, Robert Lewis, Jean Watkins, Kate Asiedua, Gwen Boyd, Karen Swisher or Pastor Craig.