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Pentecost—June 9, 2019

As we celebrate Pentecost we are encouraged to wear red or other colors of fire. On this once a year celebration we put up the red paraments and the minister dons his festive red stole with fire and descending dove on it. On Pentecost the worship preparers eagerly await the service and the colors, but also the opportunity to change things again to green so we don’t have to mess with things so much for quite a while. Pentecost is planned and set on the calendar years in advance; at least that way we know when it is and are not caught off guard when something sudden might surprise us.

Surprise is a great word to describe what the original Pentecost was. The first Pentecost should not have caught anyone off guard. Everyone was gathered for Shavuot, the Festival of the Spring Harvest which took place for fifty days following Passover. Isn’t that interesting that our Holy Week and Easter are connected with Passover and then 50 days later is Pentecost. Peter and the disciples were gathered together and when the confusion of wind, fire, and unexpected sharing of the gospel message in languages so that all could understand those gathered didn’t understand because no one had prepared them for what was happening. Peter not only had to share a good sermon on the spot, but also had to convince those present that no alcohol was involved in what was happening. The Christian Church was being born in their midst, but even that had no preplanning only excitement about the message of Jesus Christ.

Pentecost then is a marked time in our calendar to celebrate and remember. Pentecost is a time to expect the unexpected and open ourselves to what God may have for us. May this Pentecost be a celebration not only of fun clothing and spirit filled hymns and scripture, but even more a time of gathering and intentionally waiting and listening for what God has for us as individuals and as a community. Happy Pentecost,
Pastor Craig

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this week...

  • Ladies Prayer Group
    Wednesday, June 19th, 11:30am
    Please join us. We meet each month at at Eggtc 7182 Renner Road Shawnee, KS 66217.  We eat, talk, and go over who is in need of prayers and cards.  The 16+ women who attend regularly, will welcome you warmly.  Hope to see you at Eggtc!!  God Bless!

coming soon....

  • Noisy Offering
    Sunday, June 23rd
    Can you drop a few extra coins in the ‘noisy offering’ this Sunday? The money will be added to the ‘Love Funds’ SPC established at SMNW High School and Hocker Grove Middle School and will help families with additional expenses.
    Click here for more information.
  • Ronald McDonald House Family Support
    Sunday, June 23rd
    We will be packing snack bags to be used for families staying at Ronald McDonald House.  All we need is each of you to join us in the main hallway for a few minutes after worship.  Questions, please contact Maxine Lewis.
  • Dinners For Six
    Saturday, June 29th
    Calling all those who like to dine with others. Look for the sign-up sheet on the "What's Happening" window.
    For more information click here.
  • School Supplies for Shawnee Kids
    Sunday, June 30th
    Again this year we will celebrate our collection of school supplies for children of the Shawnee area. Any and all school supplies are welcome and appreciated. Shawnee community Services is requesting special efforts in collecting rulers, wide ruled filler paper, and yellow highlighters.
    Thank you, The Mission Committee