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Our Lenten Journey

The crazy snows of this winter are behind us and as I turn the calendar page Easter is suddenly right in front of us.  It seems to happen this way for me each year even as I plan and prepare for Easter it surprises me when suddenly it’s that time.  I almost wonder if this is how it was for Jesus’ disciples. Everything pointed towards what we call Holy Week and Jesus even taught and reminded them that the time was approaching and still the events of that week were not understood or anticipated.

Each Palm Sunday we celebrate with the palms and our singing Hosanna, but do we realize that Jesus coming into Jerusalem was actually to face trial and death.  On Maundy Thursday as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper do we remember the pain Jesus was feeling as he was truly saying goodbye and preparing himself for the cross.  Easter morning is so beautiful with the trumpets and the singing as we celebrate the resurrection, but do we remember that those closest to Jesus were struggling to figure out his story even as it played itself out before them.

As we complete our Lenten journey this year, I challenge you to not only focus on yourself and your relationship with Jesus, but also the story of the historical Jesus and what this means for each one of us. Below is our schedule for Holy Week. I hope to see you along the path to the empty cross and empty tomb.

April 14, Palm Sunday—Easter Egg Hunt after worship
April 18, Maundy Thursday—6:30pm in the sanctuary
April 21, Easter—Resurrection Celebration

In Ministry Together,
Pastor Craig

9:00 a.m. Adult Sunday School
10:00 a.m. Fellowship
10:30 a.m. Worship Service

Children's Sunday School will meet in the Red Room after the Time with Young Disciples portion of Worship, through the end of each service. 

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this week...

    Sunday, April 21st 10:30am
    Resurrection Celebration

coming soon...

  • Noisy Offering
    Sunday, April 28th
    Can you drop a few extra coins in the ‘noisy offering’ this Sunday? The money will be added to the ‘Love Funds’ SPC established at SMNW High School and Hocker Grove Middle School and will help families with additional expenses as a new semester begins.
    Click here for more information.
  • FRIENDS of Cross-Lines Annual Plant Sale
    Wednesday, May 1st - Saturday, May 4th
    support Cross-Lines Community Outreach by purchasing plants for your garden at the Annual Plant Sale.
    For details click here.
  • Food When We’re Fed
    Sunday, May 5th
    The first Sunday of each month we bring food for others as we gather for communion. Take this opportunity to make a difference in the world around us.
    Want more information, click here.
  • PARTY!!! Our 65th Anniversary!
    Sunday, May 5th
    It's Cinco de Mayo, so we are going to celebrate with Mexican food.  
    Worship with communion and a fellowship luncheon following.
    For details click here.