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Did anyone else enjoy the royal wedding recently?

I certainly did and have watched it several times, but possibly for slightly different reasons than many. While I greatly enjoy watching the beauty and formality of such an event, I also enjoy watching the children and how they respond to their own roles and expectations. Surely if you have seen anything about the royal wedding you have seen the face of the page boy behind the Duchess who could not control his joy and excitement of the day, his involvement, and his toothless grin seen around the world. All of this speaks of the great joy found in such a celebration, but still I found more. Did you notice the special things done during the service that made the couple’s wedding special and meaningful?

As the minister took the rings to be placed on the bride and groom’s hands he first took a moment of quiet prayer before even bringing the rings to the couple and praying publicly before them. This same minister took his stole and wrapped the couple’s hands together following their giving of the rings showing God’s blessing of this union. What wonderfully meaningful things to include in the service and items that I have not shared with a couple before.

The same day as the royal wedding Meredith Morphew and Sean Pierson were married in our own sanctuary. Two ministers shared in officiating this service as Meredith returned to her home church to be united with Sean in holy matrimony. It was wonderful to see the families of both the groom and the bride sit together on both sides as the love of this new family was being formally brought together.
I bring this thinking before us not only in reflection on a wedding, but also a challenge and encouragement for each of us to keep our eyes and ears open this summer as we travel and enjoy different activities for a few months. Please share with me new and different things you enjoy in church settings and worship to help us consider possibilities for our own church and worship. Together we can hold strong to our traditions and consider new ways to respond and worship our God.

In Ministry Together,
Pastor Craig

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    Sunday, June 24th
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    Sunday, July 1st
    The first Sunday of each month we bring food for others as we gather for communion. Take this opportunity to make a difference in the world around us.
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    Wednesday, July 11th at 10:00am
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