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Voting is not in the Bible, but is definitely in the church. We as a people and country have the opportunity to voice our opinions and select our leaders as few other countries ever have. Presbyterians throughout our history have been active in political activities and processes including running for and holding office. JUST VOTE!

This election is crucial! Yes, in reality every election is crucial as we evaluate our current leadership and consider changes in course along the way. In this way there really are no lesser important elections only lesser participated elections. In this we can make a difference in making the voting populous larger the voice of the people will best be heard. JUST VOTE!

I want to be clear that I will not tell our congregation or any group how to vote. I believe the casting of each vote should be an individual’s decision and should reflect what each person wants for the direction of each office being considered. This does not mean I am unwilling to discuss privately my feelings and leanings politically, but I believe it is inappropriate for me to attempt to direct anyone how they should cast any vote. My goal in my preaching and teaching is to educate and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. I will point out what I (and often many others) understand to be injustices in the world and share how we as the church can respond to each situation. JUST VOTE!

I hope for change in this election. Change for justice and goodwill for all. I remember too that Jesus is not running for office and never did. The church finds itself involved in the world and yet struggles to control things politically. As the Apostle Paul reminds us, we live in the world but should not live in worldly ways. As I close, I share my repeated message in this article and from my spoken word… JUST VOTE!

In Ministry Together,
Pastor Craig

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  • Hands-on, Sitting-down 
    Wednesday, November 14th, 10:00am.
    If you want to become better acquainted while working on projects to help others, this is the perfect opportunity. We do ‘hands-on’ mission projects that can be done while ‘sitting-down’.
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    Questions, contact Pastor Craig
  • The Ladies Prayer Group
    Wednesday, November 14th, 11:30am
    We meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at Eggtc, 7182 Renner Road, Shawnee. We eat, talk, and go over who is in need of prayers and cards. The 16+ women who attend regularly, will welcome you warmly. Hope to see you at LePeep, 79th & Quivira. God Bless!

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  • Noisy Offering
    Sunday, November 25th
    Can you drop a few extra coins in the ‘noisy offering’ this Sunday? The money will be added to the ‘Love Funds’ SPC established at SMNW High School and Hocker Grove Middle School and will help families with additional expenses as a new semester begins.
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  • Boy Scout Troop 185 Fundraiser
    Saturday, December 1st, 10:00-5:00
    Hy-Vee on Shawnee Mission Parkway & Quivira
    Please help support SPC's Boy Scout Troop 185 by "tipping" them when they sack your groceries. This fundraiser is helping them raise money for their monthly campouts.