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Light in the Tunnel

I don’t know that we are seeing the end of the tunnel of our journey through Covid19, but we definitely have some light along the path. Sunday, March 7 Shawnee Presbyterian Church will return to IN-PERSON WORSHIP. We will still need to wear our masks and keep our physical distance from one another, but we can once again be in the same room as we gather to worship. Our Facebook Live and ONLINE presence through our website, will continue without a change helping us to truly worship together as a congregation with extended possibilities.

In The image of an uncertain tunnel may be appropriate not only for our response to Covid19, but also our current journey through Lent. In the midst of what was normal, Jesus came into the lives of his Disciples and the crowds. With what appeared to be the presence of a Messiah to lead the people of Israel out of their confines of the Roman Empire’s presence was actually something quite different as Jesus spoke of God being Merciful, Graceful, and even Saving. Jesus taught about care for the poor and oppressed while repeatedly speaking of His own death to come for the redemption of Israel. Lent then seems to be intruding into our time of warmer weather and hopeful healing of the people around us. With great hope we can journey together as an excited gathering of the people of God with our focus on what Jesus taught and did for us. Let
us then continue to prepare for Passion Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday completing the promise Jesus brings to us anew each year.

In Ministry Together,
Pastor Craig

In-Person Worship

We are now meeting on Sunday mornings and worshiping in-person. To see the guidelines Click Here.

online worship...

We are currently working on another alternative to stream our worship services.  Please check your email over the next couple of days for this information.  In the meantime, the remaining is still valid.

For more details FACEBOOK LIVE and Other Online worship options CLICK HERE.

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4/4/2021 - Easter

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this week...
  • Hands-On, Sitting Down
    Wednesday, April 14th at 10:30 a.m.
    Hands-On, Sitting Down makes its grand re-debut. We will have tables setup with plenty of space between them. Please bring your mask and nimble fingers.

coming soon...
  • Noisy Offering
    Sunday, April 25th
    Will you drop a few extra coins in the ‘noisy offering’?  It will be added to the ‘Love Funds’ at SMNW High School and Hocker Grove Middle School. If you would like to support the ‘Love Funds’ but will not be at church on Sunday, you can still make ‘noise’ by adding to the ‘love fund’ jar in the office.
  • Food When We’re Fed
    Sunday, May 2nd or Drop at SPC during office hours
    This is a time to remind ourselves to bring food for others every time we have communion, which is the first Sunday of each month.  Let’s take this opportunity to make a difference in the world around us.