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Consider Your Star Word

February is often a funny in-between kind of month. We officially have
Christmas and the crazy holiday season behind us (and cleaned up – Whew!).
We even have Epiphany behind us which seems to leave us either resting or
looking for what is next. In our worship bulletins we notice that each Sunday is
named as a certain Sunday after Epiphany; how strange. So what is next?
Answered honestly Ash Wednesday, is February 26 and we will then find
ourselves in the season of Lent. Let’s not get too carried away though there is
still something about Epiphany that should be speaking to us.

According to the dictionary, Epiphany is the manifestation of a divine or
supernatural being and/or a moment of sudden revelation or insight (Oxford).
This makes sense as we remember who it was that we prepared for their
coming over the last couple of months and as we focus our own journey of faith
on following this Jesus who came to bring hope and salvation to each one of us.

If you were in worship on January 5 you received a “Star Word”. Each star has
a different word written on it and your Star Word becomes your focus or
contemplation throughout the year. Your Star Word might be something you
are working on in your life, something you already have working well in your life,
or something you may not have ever considered being a part of your faith and
your connection with God. It is never too late to get you Star Word as we continue into the year 2020.

My challenge then to you is to daily consider your Star Word whether in prayer
or just a quiet time by yourself. This in between time of February will then
become a time of growth as we consider the message of Christmas while
recognizing that Lent, Passion Week, and Easter are never that far ahead. If
you did not get a Star Word this year and will not be able to come to church and
get a Star Word I have reached into the basket and pulled out the word “Understanding.”

Let us grow together as we celebrate, rest from celebration, and prepare for what Christ has next for us.

In Ministry Together,
Pastor Craig

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  • Ladies Prayer Group
    Wednesday, February 19th, 11:30 am
    Pegah’s 12122 W. 87th Street Shawnee, KS
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    Sunday, February 23rd beginning at 3:00 p.m.
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