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In response to the Health Emergency,
Shawnee Presbyterian Church has suspended in-person worship through, at least Sunday, April 19th

During my reading of information about the Corona Virus this morning I was repeatedly reminded that every outbreak of illness does come to an end. We will worship together soon. We will just need to be patient and safe until that time.

We will be offering worship through our Facebook page throughout this time.

Worshiping together in the sanctuary will still have to be pushed back. We will have Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter Sunday available on Facebook. It is our plans to have a big Easter celebration as soon as we are allowed to worship together in the sanctuary.

During this time Early Bird Bible Study and Prayer Group will NOT be meeting.

Meals on Wheels and AA meetings will continue to meet.  Please use an abundance of caution as to not infect others and/or to be infected when gathering.

We will be monitoring the situation through our local and national responses to make the best decisions as to when we will be able to return to normal schedule of activities.  The church office will remain open and Pastor Craig is available for needs/joys/prayer along life’s uncertain path.

Our Session will discuss and make decisions throughout this time of emergency.  Please check your email and our Facebook page for further updates.

Vonda and I will both be working through this time, but may do so from home or remotely with Spring Break upon us. The best way to reach us is by phone/text/email.

Our congregation has many people who are in the riskier category by age and/or medical condition. Please do not create an environment that would put any member of our congregation at risk. If you feel at risk for infection, please error on the side of caution and stay home.

Know too that many of the retirement, assisted living center, nursing homes are limiting visitors during this time.  In most cases phone calls and cards are still a good way to make contact with friends and family and are much appreciated.

Please let me know if you are affected by any of the changes or restrictions happening around you.  Please let me know too if you are choosing to stay home, just so I can keep up on what is happening with everyone.

In Ministry Together,
Pastor Craig
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9:00 a.m. Adult Sunday School
10:00 a.m. Fellowship
10:30 a.m. Worship Service

Children's Sunday School will meet in the Red Room after the Time with Young Disciples portion of Worship, through the end of each service. 

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Monday - Thursday
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Whether you're looking for a new church or simply looking to expand your horizons, we invite you to come see for yourself.
Join us this Sunday to learn more about Shawnee Presbyterian and to meet the wonderful, vibrant people that make up our church community.

Palm Sunday

We will be celebrating Palm Sunday this Sunday and want everyone to have their own palm or palms to celebrate with us. All you have to do is print the attached coloring sheet and color it (no rules on what color our branches are.) Pastor Craig is working on a way for everyone to show their palms and faces on the big TV during the worship service. More news on seeing everyone coming later this week.
Click here to get your palm branch coloring sheet.

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coming soon...
  • “Noisy Offering”
    Sunday, April 26th
    Will you drop a few extra coins in the ‘noisy offering’? It will be added to the ‘Love Funds’ at SMNW High School and Hocker Grove Middle School. You can still make ‘noise’ by adding to the ‘love fund’ jar in the office.
    Click here to learn more.
  • “Food When We’re Fed”
    Sunday, May 3rd
    This is a time to remind ourselves to bring food for others every time we gather for communion, which is the first Sunday of each month. Let’s take this opportunity to make a difference in the world around us.
    For more details click here.
  • “Hands-on, Sitting-down”
    Wednesday, May 13th, 10am-Noon
    Have you thought about trying the “Hands-on, Sitting-down” group? If you want to become better acquainted with each other while working on projects to help others, this is the perfect opportunity. We do ‘hands-on’ mission projects that can be done while ‘sitting-down’ the second Wednesday of each month.
    For more details click here.
  • Ladies Prayer Group
    Wednesday, May 20th, 11:30am
    Pegah’s on 12122 W. 87th Street, Shawnee
    If you have not joined us, please do! We eat, talk, and go over who is in need of prayers and cards. The 16+ women who attend regularly, will welcome you warmly. God Bless!