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God Has This All Under Control

I journeyed into my garden today knowing exactly what I would find and yet was quite surprised. I expected to find the plants we had planted to be growing, but wow have they grown with the spring weather we have had! I expected there would by some weeds and I was right, but I didn’t think about the mud sucking my shoe right off my foot when I stepped in to pull the largest of the weeds. It was then that I had a great thought that dress shoes are probably not the best choice for this task. After retrieving my shoe and even breaking a bit of a sweat (in my church clothes) I just glared at that one weed that just got the best of me.

Then I looked next to the weed and realized that the tomato bush didn’t seem bothered and continued producing fruit, even before July got here. The tomato plants have survived. The peppers are even beginning to set on. The herbs we planted are becoming strong plants growing making me think of recipes that all of this could create. Even our asparagus plants are growing and nearly out of control. Then I looked at my shoe covered in mud and could not help but smile. No harm done and the mud will likely come off in the grass anyway.

I could not help but think God has this all under control. The planting and caring are ours, but the wonder of growth and celebration of harvest is wonderful to share with the one who provides in the first place.

What an amazing way to look at our life as people, as families, as church. No matter what we plan our harvest will be fruitful in love, in family, in faith. Wait, this harvest coming is ours as far as we have a part in it, but the God who creates, redeems, reconciles, and forgives must have a great table waiting for our recipes.

Enjoy the gardening. Enjoy the summertime. Enjoy the blessings found
everywhere. Let us bring our recipes together sharing our stories, our special
treats, and the harvest from garden and God’s kingdom as we grow together.

In Ministry Together,
Pastor Craig

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