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What Now???
When are we able to worship in person again? Session met virtually last night (May 26) to consider this very question. It was decided that we should not gather together in person for worship until July 5 at the earliest. I know this news brings mixed reviews from our congregation. Please know our Facebook worship service at 10:30am Sunday will continue and the services remain on the church Facebook page to view at a later time and/or date of your choosing. We would like to encourage everyone to recommend family members and friends to see what we are doing by “Sharing” each service which will help spread not only the message of Jesus Christ in the worship, but also that our congregation remains present and active in the strange world we are living in.

What will it be like when we gather for worship in person? First of all, we can not expect everything to go back to the way it was and things may never quite be the same again. We will make worship available for people to gather, but those who are ill, health compromised, or concerned about gathering with others should not join us in person right at first. We will not have a fellowship time and the expectation will be for each person/family to check-in and go to a socially isolated place in the sanctuary to prepare for worship. Worship will have music, liturgy, and sermon. Worship will likely not include singing by the congregation or physical contact in anyway including hand shakes or hugs. Everyone will be required to wear masks (bring your own if you have one) and hand sanitizing stations will be set up as you enter the sanctuary. The Bibles and Hymnals have been removed from the pews and the service will be projected on the wall with all information and liturgy needed.

But I don’t like what is happening and proposed. Simply said, I don’t either. Session and I have discussed this and will continue discussing this during our time of separation right through our time of gathering together all to make sure we are doing the safest thing possible. The scenario playing out in our community and world shows that if we are not careful anyone of us can catch Covid19 and many of us will not do well in the recovery of the illness. We all will have the opportunity in the near future to express ourselves in a survey that will be available online and by paper. Please take the time to share with us your concerns, desires, and expectations as we move toward a time of normalcy.

Thank you everyone. Your patience and understanding during this time of uncertainty is greatly appreciated. I remind you as I remind myself the church is not the building, but is the presence of Christ found in the world today. We are and will continue to be the church and to follow our Lord and Savior.

In Ministry Together,
Pastor Craig

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this week...
  • 5th Sunday Giving
    Sunday, May 31st
    We will collect personal care and home care items for Shawnee Community Services. During the challenging time of staying at home during the Covid 19 Pandemic many families have had challenges keeping things together with personal care items quickly falling to the bottom of the list. Some items that might come to mind are soaps, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, and diapers of all sizes (adult sizes too).
    A collection box is available outside the front doors of the church.
online worship...
    It appears that our time of separation will continue for a while longer. During our time of social distancing we will continue to worship through our church’s Facebook page Services begin at 10:30am each Sunday and are available to view at a later time as they are posted on the page as well. We have heard many positive comments about the service.
    If you have any challenges being able to see or sign on to the service please contact Pastor Craig for assistance.

    How do I get Facebookso I can watch Shawnee Presbyterian Church’s worship:
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    One request we do have is for everyone to “Comment” during the service so we know who all attended when we review the video later. There is some glitch that will tell us how many people have watched the service, but no names provided to us unless you comment with at least a “Hi” or “Good Morning.”
    We are reaching many who have not been attending in-person and certainly do not want to lose this connection in the future.
    Please share our church online service with any friends or family who may enjoy our worship. Again, can you imagine what we could grow to if we were intentional about sharing?