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“What Now?”

Our Session met Monday July 13 to discuss plans and timing to potentially reopen in person worship in our sanctuary. After much discussion considering our needs as a congregation, the safety of all who worship here, the infection rate of Covid19 in our community, and the ultimate risk reopening would present to all who might be present it was decided that our earliest date to reopen would be September 6 (Labor Day Weekend).

Each Session member shared desire to reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. In doing our research we have found that churches that have reopened already have been surprised by the low attendance because of congregants not being willing to expose themselves yet. Those who have gathered for worship have often expressed frustration that “It’s not the same as it used to be.” When we do reopen, we will require face masks for everyone the entire time we are in the building. Everyone’s temperature will be taken at the front door and anyone who has an elevated temperature will be turned away. In the church building we will be keeping safe distance from one another and hugs, handshakes, and other physical contact is discouraged. The hymnals and Bibles have been removed from the pews and worship guidance will be provided by projected image on the wall. Pastor Craig will not be able to greet everyone as we leave until it becomes safe to be close to one another. Fellowship time and hallway conversations will not be encouraged; instead, we will encourage everyone to go directly to find a place in the sanctuary to worship and to exit the building following worship.

I do not share this information to be pessimistic, but instead as a means of understanding what our guidelines and expectations will be until it becomes safe to return to regular contact with one another. Refusing to follow these guidelines does not demonstrate disagreement with the expectations but does demonstrate lack of concern for others desiring to worship together. It is the desire of the Session to plan for a successful and safe method to gather again. The goal is to avoid infecting anyone of any age or health condition. I know that each one of us would want the same for ourselves and the congregation.

Facebook worship will continue during our time of separation and when we regather together. This will provide opportunity for everyone to worship together even if unable to be in the same location. During the summer months we have found that many have continued to worship together through Facebook even when on vacation or visiting family. Know too that our Facebook services are posted on our Facebook page to watch later if that works better for you.

In summary, the earliest we will worship together in the sanctuary is September 6 (Labor Day Weekend) and Session reserves the right to push that date back in the calendar if it is deemed necessary. Our church remains open and functioning during this time just in different ways. Know that you are remembered and thought of often. Know too that every single one of us would rather this virus would have never existed. That said, remember that the one who was, is, and ever will be has not changed and will never leave any of our sides.

In Ministry Together,
Pastor Craig

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Children's Sunday School will meet in the Red Room after the Time with Young Disciples portion of Worship, through the end of each service. 

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this week...
  • Summer School Supply drive for Shawnee Community Services
    Shawnee Services is reporting that their main needs for school supplies are:
    – wide ruled notebook paper
    – pocket folders (not pink)
    – one subject spiral notebooks
    – child size face coverings
    There is a tote with lid outside the main church doors you can place these items in. This is a great way to continue showing the community our love and support. The first load of items will be delivered to Shawnee Services by August 17.
  • Sunday School Teachers
    S.O.S. The children's ministry is in need of TWO Sunday school teachers. You would be asked to teach 4-5 times a year (September-May) with summers off (June-August).
    Your pay is simply the gratitude of our church and the laughing and hugs from our students. Anyone and everyone is qualified; even choir members, we can work around your singing performance in the service. To borrow a line from Uncle Sam, "WE NEED YOU".
    Please contact Marge Clark at 913-522-4797 or
    What a fun way to give back to the church!
online worship...
Shawnee Presbyterian Church will continue to suspend in-person worship through Sunday, September 6 (Labor Day Weekend). During our time of social distancing we will continue to worship through our church’s Facebook page Services are available to view at any time as they are posted on the page as well. We have heard many positive comments about the service.
If you have any challenges being able to see or sign on to the service please contact Pastor Craig for assistance.

One request we do have is for everyone to comment “Good Morning”, or “Hello” during the service so that we know who all attended when we review the video later.  Please share our church online service with any friends or family who may enjoy our worship.

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